2.4.7 Find Pattern

Single Pattern

Right-Click =>Find Pattern

Pattern Dialog box will appear.Set the pattern to be searched. Semantics is the same as Verilog-HDL.

With the button <-  -> , you can go to the position where the pattern is matched.

Multiple pattern

In multiple pattern search, you must include unique strobe edge. Because search Implementation of Veritak will search strobe edge first ,then,compare the pattern.

always @ (negedge clock) begin
 if (counter[3:0]===4'b1011 && a[3:2]===2'b00) begin
  // search this position

Select strobe signal and signals to be searched.( In this sample, [3:0] a,clock,[7:0] counter are to be selected.)
<- -> button will move t1 cursor  to the position where patterns all marched..

Next, signal [3:0] a, a[3:2]===2'b00 means

First describe @(negedge clock),