5.2.1 Multiplier

RTL Project
Let's design simple 32x32bits multiplier.
Load Project "RTL_mult_test.vtakprj", and press Go button.

Test bench source is as below.

Here is simple source for signed multiplier.


Let's make a Xilinx project for our multiplier.

Add Source our "mult.v"

Veritak Gate Simulation Project

Let's view the veritak project for gate simulation.
Gate simulation project must be above "netgen" ( Xilinx tool generates "netgen" folder). This is necessary because generated net list file **timesim.v reads sdf file according to specified path.

Fig below shows veritak project in mult folder.Open the project (Gate_mult.vtakprj) by the menu Verilog Project ->Open Verilog Project


Gate Simulation

You can select Min/Typ/Max for SDF delay in Project Setting Dialog.. However nothing will be changed as for Altera/Xilinx because the same values are generated in SDF of Altera/Xilinx.
In compile mode, Use Xilinx SDF for Xilinx Gate Simulation.

Family/Device is as you like..

Nothing to be add in this time.

That's all for settings of the project

Run "Generate post-place & route simulation model" as below.

You can observe 28.026ns delay for RTL to Gate Simulation as a result of 12153524*c0895e81